HK pro sarl Drawer Interior Accessory Systems transforms the daily usage areas into a pleasant and elegant spaces. SMART BOX’s Wooden Drawer Accessories provide practical solutions according to different drawer sizes and applications. Smart Box Drawer Accessories increase modern kitchens’ functionality by creating optimal area usage and also provide movement comfort to the user. With Smart Box cutlery, knife holder, spice holder, foil holder and plate holder options you can customize your drawers and have the most comfortable usage.


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Aesthetic and Ergonomics.

Smart Wooden Plate Holder and Bar

SMART BOX Wooden Plate Holder stores plates in drawers in an organized and safe way.

Smart Box Wooden Drawer Accessories

SMART BOX provides an organized and comfort usage by customizing the drawer inside with the wooden knife holder, spice holder and foil holder.

Side Panels

SMART BOX Plexy and Metal Side Panels provide the design freedom with various colors and height options and ensure a modern and elegant appearance.