Internal drawers organization affects how organized our daily habits are. HK pro sarl Drawer Internal Organizational Systems, INVARIA and Plastic Cutlery, has been developed with the cutting-edge technology developed by HK pro sarl and can be compatible with different designs. Thus, HK pro sarl provides the optimum usage of inner drawers.


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Different solutions for different neeeds.


INVARIA Drawer Internal Organizational Systems add further style to space with different width and length options. These systems designed according to the most preferred lengths of 450 mm, 500 mm and 650 mm, offer alternatives for standard cabinet widths from 275 mm to 1200 mm. INVARIA Drawer Internal Organizational Systems have been created for high tech design solutions, made of stainless steel, adjustment and removeable options, allow the drawer to be comfortably placed in the washing machine.

Wooden Cutlery

SMART BOX Wooden Drawer Accessories provide practical solutions with different drawer sizes and applicatons. Smart Box Drawer Accessories increase modern kitchens’ functionality by creating optimal area usage and also provide movement comfort to the user. Kitchens transform into a modern living spaces with the wooden cutlery and its accessories by customizing drawers and having the most comfortable usage.

Plastic Cutlery

HK pro sarl, with Plastic Cutlery, that are developed to meet the functional expectations of modern kitchen designs, offers simplicity of utilization for the users. SMART BOX Plastic Cutlery provides perfect comfort for inner drawers with aesthetic design and high quality. All objects in the drawer can easily be organized with the help of drawer accessories, such as cutlery, plate holder, knife holder and spice holder. As the result, all areas can be used efficiently.