SMART BOX Drawer Systems, designed with Sink Cabinet with Wire and Gallery Railings to meet all needs, transforms daily usage areas into pleasant, convenient and elegant places. Sink Cabinet Drawer Systems have been designed to fulfill the user expectations at maximum level considering motion areas in detail.


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Different solutions for different neeeds.

Sink Cabinet with Wire

Smartbox Wire Sink Cabinet Drawer Systems combines practical space-saving solutions with an aesthetic design in modern kitchens and makes a difference with its adaptable design as needed and effortless assembly and disassembly feature in the inner drawer organizational systems.

Sink Cabinet with Gallery Railings

Smartbox Gallery Railings Sink Cabinet Drawer Systems provide solutions with different length and color options as needed and adds an elegant touch to modern kitchens with its minimal design.

Technical Specifications

Sink Cabinet with Wire

• Set for 900 – 1.200 mm drawers.

• Various color options.

• Can be easily assembled.

• Wires with nickel coating.

Sink Cabinet with Wire

• Set for 900 – 1.200 mm drawers.

•Various color options.

•Can be easily assembled.