To participate in the amelioration of end users’ lives our lifting doors are practical, easy-to-use and have a first-class design. You will feel the quality, the innovation and the strength of the HK pro sarl Lifting Door Systems every time you use it in different living spaces.


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Lift-Up Door System Solutions.

Performa Lid Stay

The lid stay that is used on lift and drop down doors and its hardness and opening degree can be adjusted.
• It can easily be used on wooden and aluminum door applications.
• The force adjustment of the door can be done by the help of adjustment screw.
• Using double lid stays is suggested.
• There is no difference between right and left lid stays.

Gas Spring

The lid styay with gas pressure.
• There are four different pressure models in accordance with door’s weight.
• Door’s opening degrees can be adjusted during assembly in accordance with intended value.
• Using double lid stays is suggested.

Hydraulic Lid Stay

It can be used on wooden doors as lift and drop down lid stay. It is oil pressured and can be ascended and descended by using screws depending on doors weight.

• It can easily be used on wooden door applications.

• Using double lid stays is suggested

• The stays are in two different versions as right and left.