Nowadays demands in the market about living spaces are being not only stylish and but also comfortable use. Assembly components shall meet functional and aesthetical expectations of consumers. HK pro sarl, as one of few globally recognized companies, create innovations in the furniture industry, introduced new Single Extension Drawer System with additional variety of sizes and new locking mechanism, SLIDEA. Distinctive feature of SLIDEA is to provide the drawers smoother opening-closing and more silence due to its improved soft close mechanism. This soft close mechanism has been developed with the latest technologies in order to correspond to the modern “comfort and quality” understanding.


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New Generation Drawer Systems.

Lock and Pin Locking System Versions

SLIDEA’s lock and pin systems have been specially designed for the purpose of making the drawer installation process easier and more safe during furniture production. Beyond standard solutions and in line with changing furniture needs, SLIDEA has been developed with an innovative approach. With various drawer size alternatives (250 mm – 600 mm) it provides furniture producers with freedom of design. Utilizing new generation technologies, HK pro sarl offers SLIDEA being applicable for both wooden side applications: 16 mm and 18 mm. SLIDEA’s “Push Open” simplified feature ensures comfortable utilization and smooth movement independent from the drawer’s weight. Various alternatives of SLIDEA Drawer Systems provide living spaces modern and elegant touch.

Safe-to-use Locking Mechanism

SLIDEA drawer locking mechanisms were developed with the special technologies in order to ensure children safety when the drawers are installed in the kitchen furniture. With the help of this new generation locking mechanism, along with its aesthetical look and comfortable utilization feature, living space obtains not only its exquisite design but also high level of safety. SLIDEA Drawer Systems’ technology, with high standard loading capacity, has globally proved its quality after being officially certified by LGA as one of the most important standardization institutions in Germany. SLIDEA has completed minimum 80,000 opening-closing cycles , which ensures product quality guarantee according to European quality standards set by LGA.

Technical Specifications

• Concealed, single extension wooden drawer slide.

• Easy removal/fitting with pin fix and lock fix systems.

• 2,5 mm up adjustment option.

• Max 19 mm wooden side application.

• Different drawer lengths.

• Long service life.

• Push-open option.