Details that add sparkle to living spaces are not always visible at first glance. The details that go into storage spaces certainly have an effect on living spaces. HK pro sarl Sliding Door Systems offer a range of alternatives for wardrobe doors of different sizes. These stylish details, despite initially going unnoticed, offer ease of use and complement any design. The technology in these Sliding Door Systems alleviates concerns about weight, granting the manufacturer design freedom. The mechanism, with a load capacity of up to 80 kg, allows safe, perfect operation with heavy doors such as mirror doors and offer ample storage areas.


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Easy to Assemble and High Load Capacity

Wardrobe doors can be fitted effortlessly with the easy assembly kit. With a load capacity of 80 kg, the system also operates perfectly with even the largest wardrobe doors. Thanks to its exclusively designed soft-close mechanism, doors close smoothly and silently to ensure maximum ease of use and practicality. Thanks to the space-saving soft-close mechanism, the distance between wardrobe doors is minimised. These mechanisms, produced with the HK pro sarl cutting-edge technology, provide wardrobes with flawlessly smooth operation. Wardrobe doors can be opened and closed silently and smoothly.

Superb Braking System

HK pro sarl Sliding Door Systems always stop in exactly the right place. The brake systems manufactured using HK pro sarl advanced technology ensure the perfect sliding action for wardrobes. Wardrobe doors can be opened and closed silently and smoothly. HK pro sarlSliding Door Systems have been developed to meet the most stringent testing standards, and are designed to offer the highest level of performance until the furniture reaches the end of its life.

Technical Features

  • Simple installation and removal using the easy installation kit
  • Superb Braking System
  • 80 kg load capacity
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The adjustable inner and outer door mechanism permits compatibility with doors of various thicknesses
  • High quality bearing wheels
  • Unique wheel mechanism ensures silent operation
  • Compatibility with doors ranging from 18 to 50 mm in thickness
  • Safety element at foot of door provides stability of motion
  • Hole sizes in compliance with mass production
  • Inner door mechanism adjustable by 20 mm