Special solutions for different neeeds.

HK pro sarl offers different solutions for various cabinet door applications. With its large product range which is prepared to meet customers’ and manufacturers’ needs, HK pro sarl has different solutions for every furniture and application. Aluminum Profil Hinge, Hinge For Glass Doors, Hinge for Thick Doors / Cabinet Side Hinge, Push-Open Hinge, Mini Hinge, Special Angle Hinges, 165° Wide-Angle Hinge and Folding Door Hinges are products designed for these solutions.


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Special solutions for different neeeds.

Wide Product Range

HK pro sarl developed Star Hinge in a way that ensures easy assembly-disassembly of hinge onto mounting plate feature just by using a screwdriver. It simplifies installation process during production.

Alternative Furniture Materials

HK pro sarl Hinges has a product range also for glass doors, aluminium frames and others. These alternatives can be applied to all special applications to aluminium frames even without any holes, using Decofix.

Product Range

• Aluminium Profile Hinges

• Glass Door Hinges

• Thick Door / Cabinet Side Hinges

• Push-Open Hinges

• Mini Hinges

• Angular Hinges

• 165˚ Hinges

• Folding Door Hinges